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Try Auslogics disk defrag - install, go to desktop, right-click on
select Run as Administrator

'Auslogics - Download Auslogics Disk Defrag'
('Auslogics - Download Auslogics Disk Defrag'

Regards. . .

jcgriff2 > >

Suggesting alternative software may do the job, but it does not help
the OP (or other readers) solve the underlying problem.
Do you have any idea why the Windows Defrag software does not work?

These news groups are intended to help solve basic problems with
Vista Performance.
I get a bit disappointed at:
People tying to sell their preference for Linux and
People acting like spoiled juveniles with flaming and name calling.

I appreciate and do note your comments; however...

I don't get a "bit disappointed" by the last two items you stated - I
am absolutely appalled by such actions. I do get disappointed by
non-contributing informational posts.

I fully understand the intended purpose of these newsgroups and forums
as I am a Moderator, Microsoft Support, elsewhere with a proven track
record of solved threads and have contributed over 6,000 posts in the
last 10 months - most of which include troubleshooting major Vista
system issues and BSOD crash dump analysis.

No, I don't (yet) know the reason the Vista defrag appears not to be
functioning properly. The intended purpose of my suggestion to run
Auslogics defrag was to see if it would successfully complete. If the
message from the Vista defrag then continued, my next suggestion would
be to run cleanmgr, sfc, HDD diagnostics, chkdsk, investigation of
WERCON and the Event Viewer System & Application logs to see what other
problems exist within the OPs system that may have precipitated the
defrag messages. I don't believe the only system issue the OP has is the
Vista defrag utility. I wouldn't be surprised to find interrupts and
page faults present in PERFMON. Hopefully we'll soon know.

@*Dina* - I would suggest that you run the Vista system health report -
save it in HTML format -
START | type *perfmon /rel* - hit enter | 60 seconds the output will
appear in the Reliability & Performance Monitor viewer; click on File;
Save; save as report file - HTML file extension.

Run msinfo32 and save as an NFO (system info file) -
START | type *msinfo32* - hit enter | the viewer will appear | Save the
file in NFO format - you'll see the NFO default file extension when you
go to save it.

Zip up the HTML and NFO files and attach to your next post.

Regards. . .




Very good response. I did not realize your suggested change in defrag software was to check the system.
My use of "disappointed" in the last reference was an attempt to stay out of the flame wars.
I learn a lot from these news groups and can occasionally even help.

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