Re: Question about video hardware memory usage

If you are running 2d applications, everything except gaming, there is no change to the system memory footprint regardless of the amount of RAM on the videocard. The demands of 2d applications, including Photoshop/video processing, are minimal with regard to even motherboard based video let alone decent stand-alone cards. The exception is if you are trying to run a large panel with a high resolution at high refresh rates. but few of us will ever do that.
If you are 3d gaming then you want the fastest video card with the fastest and largest amount of memory you can afford.
Interesting, but how is it determined? I currently have a video card with 128 megs on it. I have 4 gigs installed and the Vista x86 task manager reports 3453 MB available (on the performance tab). Are you saying if I install a video card with say 512 megs it will not change the available amount of ram stated in the task manager?