Re: Windows update/system restore points

Try running System File Checker: sfc /scannow
Info at above link.

And here is a link to download a Recovery repair ISO file, and make a
bootable CD if you don't have Vista DVD to repair things.
Mad Mike

"rawbery79" wrote:

There are NO system restore points. None. Nothing for me to go back

Mick Murphy;1094737 Wrote:
Do a System Restore to before the Update.
Click start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore>Pick a

If using Norton, disable it before using SR, as Norton causes probs
with it.

Then change the way you get updates.
Make it that you get Notified before downloading them.
That way you can check to see what is comong, and whether you want it,
especially if Hardware drivers from MS.
Get them from the computer Manufacturer, or hardware Maker.
Mad Mike

"rawbery79" wrote:

I installed a Windows update on Monday--the laptop was running
beautifully before then, not so much now. It randomly freezes up and
can't apparently uninstall the update.

Also, it's not creating or keeping restore points. I just found out
registry cleaner is bad, so I won't be doing that again, but how on
earth do I figure out what is causing the problem? :cry:


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