Re: VISTA FAx & Scan issue

You'd be better off posting in the group that deals with Fax & Scan:

Toronto, Canada.

"Mitch" <mitch67547@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:ajcij41n3q487sismlov5s0j0o1rs2aptt@xxxxxxxxxx
I will try to be more precise.

Of the three situations where faxes can be sent using Vista Fax &
Scan, two do not work for me. I am using VISTA Business. The
situations are:

A/ In trying to forward a fax..


1) I open Vista Fax & Scan
2) I open a fax within the "Inbox".
3) I then select "Forward as a Fax".
4) In the "To" window I enter a phone number in the format

5) I put some text in the message sectionessage
6) I then click on "send".

I get an error message that says "The message could not be sent. The
parameter is incorrect."

B/ In trying to originate a Fax from within Vista Fax & Scan..

1) I open Vista Fax & Scan
2) I click on "New Fax"
3) I fill in the subject
4) I enter the phone number in the " To" window in the format

5) I put some text in the message section.
6) I click on "send"

I get an error message that says: "The message could not be sent. The
data is invalid."

On Thu, 4 Dec 2008 16:35:24 -0500, "Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]"
<russval@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You need to post complete and accurate information in the appropriate group.
Post the details of what you are doing step by step, what happens, and what
is not happening that you think should, including error messages in the fax
and scan group.

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