Re: Vista Home Premium damaged by Office 97

Try Microsoft's Removal Wizard.
The Removal Wizard can detect and remove Microsoft Office 4.x, Office
95, Office 97, and Office 2000, as well as MultiLanguage packs and
individual Office applications. A companion file list allows you to
review and edit the detailed list of files that can be removed. The
Removal Wizard does not remove documents or other user files from the
The Removal Wizard is automatically installed on your computer when you
install the Office Resource Kit (orktools.exe). You can find this
downloadable file on the Office XP Resource Kit Downloads page. To
locate the tool, click the Start button, point to Programs, point to
Microsoft Office Tools, point to Microsoft Office XP Resource Kit Tools,
and then click Removal Wizard.
'Office XP Resource Kit Downloads'

I'm not sure but you may have to install it in compatability mode with

cdp;902890 Wrote:
I've installed microsoft office 97 on my new computer which has windows
I am attemping to uninstall it, but it doesn't seem to work. Does
know how to uninstall it. It is conflicting with my computer. Pls help!

"Ex_Brit" wrote:

Office 97 is not compatible so don't try installing _any_ part of it.
You could use Open Office, it's free. Use Google to search for it.
If you need Word and/or Excel viewers they are available for a free
download at Microsoft's website.
Office 2007 Home & Student can be obtained online at reasonable
prices...check eBay, Amazon etc.
That comes with Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote and Word plus various


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Toronto, Canada
XP Pro SP3, Vista Ultimate SP1, Windows 7 Beta
P4 HT @ 3.0ghz, 4gb DDR, 700gb HDD