Re: Registry Debris from Uninstalled Programs

Don Cohen wrote:


I have a new Vista Home Premium 64-bit system, and would prefer to keep it
as clean as possible.

I recently had to try out a number (probably 6 to 8) of programs for
editing my website (I previously used Adobe PageMill 3.0, which wouldn't
install on Vista 64-bit, no matter what options I tried!!), and finding
all of them (so far) unsuitable, uninstalled them.

I did a search through the Registry, and there is quite a bit of "debris"
left over from them. You'd think today's programs would be a little more
conscientious about cleaning up after themselves....

In any case, how safe is it to delete any/all references to the
programs? I guess my OCD is showing here, as it irks me to have this junk
in my registry. The system is performing well, but I wonder how much
bloat will eventually hamper performance...

Or am I just worrying about nothing - just ignore it??

I'm reasonably comfortable editing the registry when I know precisely what
I'm doing, but am certainly not "literate" in the workings of the

It's fine to delete the entries for uninstalled programs but not necessary.
The extra entries will not hamper performance in the slightest. What you
should *not* do is use a registry cleaner. Since you're OK working in the
registry manually, do that if you are so inclined. Just be careful in
there. ;-) - why not to use registry cleaners

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