RE: cpu fan roaring up fast and furious

Right-click on the Taskbar>Task Manager>see what processes are going.
Mad Mike

"ripsnort" wrote:

I'm another one of those joyous persons who have a cpu fan hike, not in
price, but just spinning up so fast, I fear this laptop is about to roar
into orbit.
This problem developed this past weekend for no apparent reason,
although there obviously has to be one.
I believe it to be software related, but for the life of me (or for the
laptop of me) cannot narrow it down to what the culprit it.

The cpu goes from 1% up to 50% then down again to 1-2% and up and down
it goes!!!

I'm using a Toshiba laptop P200 with Vista Home Premium Service Pak 1.

Is there such a thing as a well known fix for this type of thing ...
I'll appreciate your help with this.