Re: Vista and adobe flash player

I also had this problem and tried the above fix. Now I am getting the
bsod at every bootup noting, 'IRQL less than or equal to zero', for a
couple of seconds, then it tries to automatically fix the problem, which
eventually asks me to restore the system. Once I do this, I'm in and
everything looks normal, but when I reboot for any reason, it starts
over. I have Mozilla on my computer as well as IE7, don't know if that
matters.....also, I loaded Adobe Acrobat 5, which loaded with
compatiblity errors. I have been unable to find a fix for the Acrobat
issue. Also, I had loaded Acrobat and Mozilla on my computer when I
first got it a couple of weeks ago and this is a new problem so I doubt
that they are connected but I'm not sure.

Any insight?

Wayne P

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