Re: Memory filling up too fast?

This is a good starting point:

"ZeonStar" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:9d424c6eb53d5eb2ec937cca835bc3c9@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you Mark, that really helps me understand alot more than is going
on. I thought maybe this whole thing was "Just me" but clearly there is
more going on behind the scenes.

I use Premiere more than After Effects, but I imagine your desciption
is the same for either. It's interesting when I load a CS3 app is
usually says like "2% of 4.0 GB of memory used" and my first thought is
"Yeah right."

How can I adjust CS3 like you mentioned at the end of your post? I can
get some more RAM in a few weeks but in the meantime would like to tweak
things the best I can. If I had 6-8 Gigs of RAM would CS4 be better
about managing it? I'd hate to have just Premiere loaded and all of a
sudden my 8 GBs of RAM is full.

Also if I do get more RAM, which it then be best to have Superfetch
left normal?