Re: Memory filling up too fast?

That is just a dirty, mongrel DOG that is spoofing me here.
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"MilesAhead" wrote:

Victek;875084 Wrote:
Also if you have your swapfile totally managed by Windows you may be> > >
wasting a lot of disk accesses just resizing the swap file.
with setting the min and max the same(avoid resizing) or just turning
off. As long as you're not overloading memory with too many startup
apps you can always reset the swap strategy back to the default if
neither works for you.

-- > > I would agree with setting the paging file to a fixed size, as long is
at least twice the Vista recommended amount. However, everything
I've ever
read says never turn off virtual memory since applications often ask
much more memory then they use and Windows needs to map that memory

Instead of going by what you read, try trying something yourself.


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