Laptop turning itself off every 6mins....

ok ive just signed up to this site as everywhere else i ask for help no
one seems to help.

anyways, last night i was using my laptop and it suddenly turned off,
well a blue screen came on (it says nothing on the blue screen, its just
blank), then the blue screen dissapears and the computer restarts

it then ask to either start to computer normally, use safe mode, use
safe mode with networking (which im currently using) and then safe mode
with command promt.

at first i just started the laptop on the normal mode thinking it was a
one off, then the same thing happened after about 6.30mins maybe a
little more, it restarted again, i tried normal start up and the same
thing happened after near enough the exact same amount of time, so ive
used safe mode with networking and its working fine.

ive tried system restore from before when it started happening and
thats not helped, i eventually managed to update windows but that didnt
help so im pretty much stuck for what to do. i would start the whole
thing again but i didnt get the vista cd with my laptop (got it from PC
World, in the UK) and i really want to save my photos (just been to New
York and have New Zealand pics on there aswell). is there any way i
could save these or is there anyway just to get my laptop running

many thanks in advance.