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I have never done much maintenance work on my computer. I bought it last
year and have had very few problems with it, but i would like better
performance out of it in the gaming area.
I only have 1gig of ram installed and am using windows Vista Home
I have been told that this is not enough RAM and i can tell it by the
way the computer acts.
So i want to upgrade ram with at least 1 more gig if not to.
I have 4 slots and no idea how easy or difficult the process is.

1. Does the ram chip come with installation disk
2. Can i mess up my computer
3. Do i have to reinstall anything on my drive (I'm missing my dell
image file)
4. Anyone have a tutorial.

BTW i looked up my comp specs and found a great price of around 20-40
dollars for 2 1gig cards.
Thanks in advance


Go to You can connect with the website and it will tell you what is installed, how many slots, and type that can be fitted.. print off the results and then look for RAM of the same type..

RAM is keyed (a small slot around half way down the pins), and is secured by a clip at either end.

Swapping RAM out is easy.. ground yourself on the case and take due care when changing them..

RAM will auto detect, so no installation media is required..

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