Re: New User Wanting to Install More RAM

Hey 'SevSaint' (,

In answer to your questions,
1. no
2.not normally, but you may possibly have to re-activate

Switch off your computer.
Open the case.
Touch the metal insides with your hands before you do anything else
(against static).
Open the locking clips at both ends of your RAM.
Carefully lift out the RAM noting exactly how it was seated as *it only
fits one way *(Do not touch the contacts)
write down the RAM details, normally written on a sticker on the RAM.
Or take the ram with you to the dealer as you need to get the right type
of RAM to fit your MB
Install the new RAM onto the MB after first touching the case before
you touch the RAM and *paying attention to the correct positioning*
Press the RAM home in the slots this will also close both locking clips,

check everything is sitting properly
close case
start computer
check to see that new RAM is registered on start up