Re: Vista 32bit died under standard use. (no gaming or anything specia

fusionrx wrote:

Aggravation with VISTA (32bit). !!! Help needed.

Here's my rig: Q6600@3Ghz., 8Gb Corsair ram DDR2 800, Palit 4850 Vid card.
Seagate 1TB hd, Rocketfish case, PCPower &Cooling 750W psu. Gigabyte EP45
DS4 mobo. (I do plan on moving up to 64bit Vista soon, likely as a result
of this crash to fully use the 8gb memory).

Vista installed recently (Had XP, then upgraded the XP install to Vista).
The upgrade seemed to be working.

Over the last while things seem to be getting slower, and then last nite

The system rebooted before I had a chance to determine what caused the
bsod, but the ATI CCC (Catalyst Control Center) seemed to be the culprit
(Vista "Service process has stopped' message in conjunction with Windows
has recovered from a system fault).

I decided to upgrade to the latest released (ATI 8.10) catalyst drivers
and then CCC would never ever start.

Shortly thereafter network connectivity disappeared, and then upon a
reboot after the ATI drivers installed, I get MAJOR havoc.

Get an incredibly long login time, followed by Windows failed to connect
to Sockets and System Events Manager Services cannot be started messages.
With some more digging it seems that some of its other dependant services
are also not started. Trying to manual start these did not help one bit.

My conclusion is that I am pretty much fubar'd at this point am I right?
This is a case of reformat and re-install??

Although it does sound to me like you'll need to do a clean install, I would
do some hardware testing first. It sounds like perhaps your hard drive is
dying or there is a problem with some other hardware component. It doesn't
matter if it's new.

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