Vista automatic system restore problem

I recently went to set up a manual restore point and found out that my
Vista is NOT doing any restore points, at all!!! I googled this problem
and found out that, by default, Vista is supposed to be doing daily
restore points, automatically. I assumed restore points were being done
when I installed new programs! Nope! Assuming is never good!

In the System Protection, there is a checkmark beside one of the 3
available disks, the Acer (C). In the "Most recent restore point" area,
it says "None" for each of the 3 disks. To check to see if I could
manually create a restore point, I clicked on "Create a restore point"
and entered "check up on system restore". Under the "most recent restore
point", it showed today's date and the dialog box popped up to say the
creation was successful.

Because of some of the things I read in this forum's entries regarding
system restore points, I did a restart on my laptop and sure enough -
the manual restore point is GONE! There are no restore points for any of
the 3 disks, once again!

Why won't the system restore work?? What do I have to do to get this
working? My security is ShawSecure, based on f-secure and supplied by my
ISP. I am letting you know this b/c of reading how Symantec/Norton
products can mess with system restore.

In some of the other threads I read about programs interfering on
startup. I wasn't quite sure what that meant but if you need, I can give
a list of the programs starting when I turn the laptop on each morning.

I sure hope someone here can help me with this problem or steer me in
the right direction for other help.


To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer.
Vista Home Premium SP1 32bit