Re: No clue as to Disk Defragmenter status

On Tue, 28 Oct 2008 16:27:00 +0000, namdeo
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Brandon Taylor;1054137 Wrote:
I remember that in previous versions of Windows all the way up to
XP, the Disk Defragmenter would tell me exactly how much of the
defragmentation process was complete. Now, I find that Windows Vista
me absolutely nothing about what Disk Defragmenter is doing, apart from
fact that the utility is in fact running. My question is, why would
Microsoft throw out such a useful feature in Disk Defragmenter, and is
any course of action I can take regarding this dilemma?

Brandon Taylor

If you want an automatic defragger which also shows the defrag process,
the best option in my opinion is Diskeeper 08

For a freebie that has all the pretty boxes and progress indicator
PLUS which can be run either auto or in the background while
everything else is running (just like Diskeeper), try Smart Defrag: