RE: Desktop Issue

Take NO notice of THAT fake me.
It spoofs people here; it is gutless.
It has NO help to give you!

Hit F8 right at Startup ,and a list of startup options, and a Repair option
should come up.
If you pick Safe mode, do a System restore back in time.
Click start>Programs>Accessories>System tools>System Restore.
Mad Mike

"Joe321" wrote:

Sorry to sound ignorant, but I don't know much about computers. A few
days ago, I opened my laptop to find that my desktop was just a black
screen with the window which would normally come up when you click my
computer, displaying only certain things on my hard drive. after about
20 minutes of searching, I found a way to connect to the internet to
search for a solution which I have yet to find. Any help?



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