Re: buffering / streaming problem can not watch a video


I think I understand and have a similar problem as Havstar. I do
believe it IS a Vista problem/setting.
I have one laptop running XP professional, and a desktop running Vista
Ultimate 32bit. Both are wireless connected to the same router. On the
same network (wired) is also my Dreambox (satellite receiver.) With the
dreambox I can stream video to or from another device to record/watch.

When I stream to the XP running Laptop, I don't have any problem, the
video stream is continous during whole movie, without any interruption.
Also streaming it back to the dreambox works without any problem.

When I now try to stream to the Vista Desktop (same settings in the
Dreambox, using the same software on both computers: VLC media player
0.8.6i) the stream doesn't come trough regular. Sometimes 10 sec without
interruption, more often is the interruption longer than the stream is
received. Streaming back to the dreambox gives the same problem.

Also streaming from Laptop to PC or PC to Laptop --> same problem.

I already tried lot of things, but nothing seems to work. Switch off
firewall and virusscan, close all other applications that use the
network. I read some things here on the forum what I tried, without any

Hope some one can help