Re: buffering / streaming problem can not watch a video

On Mon, 27 Oct 2008 11:17:09 -0500, havstar <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi, I'm having a terrible time with streaming or buffering. I used to
not have this problem but now I can't watch any video for more than
maybe 5 seconds. It is a real pain in the tush! I have looked
everywhere and searched for solutions but can't find any. Is this just
a Vista issue?

Absolutely not. It's an issue with your computer and/or your internet

I'm thinking about reinstalling it all over again. I am
at my last nerve with this and hoping someone can help me. I am also
only a basic computer person so please tell me in terms I can understand
on what to try to fix. Thanks for any help!

You haven't provided one iota of information about your system or your
Internet connection. How can anyone help???

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