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I agree with Ken. I install a lot of beta software, but never on a computer I need. If you don't have a test computer set up for testing beta software then don't install beta software.

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What are people's thoughts on Microsoft PC Advisor? I know it's still a Beta
but is it any good/worth having/safe/should have other features?

I have no experience with it, and can tell you nothing about it. But
my general advice is that all beta software should be avoided. Beta
software is software with problems (if it didn't have problems, it
would be released software, not beta), and is risky to install.

PC Advisor gives you solutions to problems, and monitors and updates
settings. Personally, I would never want to trust such things to beta
software, unless I had a spare non-critical extra machine to install
it on and play with it.

Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP - Windows Desktop Experience
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All that it appears to do is present a central window where the user can select the standard Vista tools. It doesn't appear to be dangerous, and could help users who are not too good at locating anything.

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