Re: Vista Internet Explorer Horror and confusion

Alex, at the time I posted my comment I think I was running Messenger
8...then I came across a Vista sound fix and that took care of the
Since that time, I've had to format my laptop...when I went to
reinstall Yahoo Messenger...I discovered that the Yahoo 9 Beta program
had since addressed the "no sound" problem for the chat part of the
program. So, all is well.

Just a quick plug too... I also use *YTunnelPro* as a Companion to
Yahoo Messenger. If you (or anyone reading this post) use Yahoo
Messenger Chat a lot, it is totally worth the very nominal one time fee.
I've been using it for nearly 8yrs now and I highly recommend it....but
I use Yahoo Messenger exclusively too. Honestly, It's a waste of money
for the casual user but if you use the Chat part of the program a lot,
like I do, it's well worth it. It has many configurable security
safeguards that the regular YM program just falls short on or simply
doesn't have.