Re: Vista Internet Explorer Horror and confusion

What Yahoo! Messenger version do you use?

"xmrkneezx" wrote:

Internet Explorer has stopped working and needs to close and
restart..... Or Close Program.... Please click ok! What a pain! Well, I
found a fix for it and it's very simple...perhaps it will work for you.
I'm running Vista Home Premium on my HP Notebood. What I did was this:
1)Open Control Panel
2)Click on Internet Options
3)Click on Advanced Tab
4)click on the RESET button at the bottom
Internet Explorer is fixed, just that simple.

You loose your plugin toolbars but you don't loose any bookmarks...It
tells you what it will do and another popup will tell you again when you
go to click ok.

Now.... Anyone have a fix for me? I'm running yahoo messenger but in
the chat room I have no sound. I have sound for anything and everything
else...except yahoo chat room. Can't figure this one out....if anyone
has a fix for that...please send it along to me. Thanx



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