Re: shadow copie, AGAIN.

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so i decided to reformat last night........
didnt have this problem on very first boot.
missing 45~ gb of disk space.

I assume you mean you have a 500GB drive, but the computer only sees 465GB.

This is normal, hard disk manufactures measure 1000 bytes as 1 kilobyte. While an actual computer, which is binary, will measure 1024 bytes as a kilobyte, and so on up to megabytes, gigabytes etc.

Number of bytes on hard disk: 500,000,000,000. Divide that by 1000 3 times and you get 500GB, the computer will divide by 1024 3 times, which is about 465GB.

So that is completely normal. I wish hard disk manufacturers wouldn't do that, but they've been doing it for years.

If you're referring to the computer using up the 40GB of so space, well that's not unusual for an install of Windows with a bunch of programs and data on top.

found the shadow copy threads

Not related to shadow copies at all. Your screenshot below shows shadow copies only using 88MB of space, with 2.93GB allocated, which is allowed to grow to a total size of 70GB (15% of the drive).


could this be unalocatedspace? should i install a partition manager ?

I doubt it, and no. Windows Vista has built in partitioning tools under Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management. But this isn't anything related to partitioning.

Nothing to worry about.

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