Re: Memory Diagnostic Tool

I just dug all of my paperwork and discs on this eMachine.

I have two discs from Gateway. One of them is a Restore DVD and the
other is what I thought was a Microsoft OEM Vista disc.

The second actually states MS Windows Vista Home Premium 32-Bit
Operating System Disc. on the label but BOTH of them have the same
warning: This process erases all data and files from the hard drive.

I remember now that Gateway sent me the first disc when I first bought
the PC. I was told that it contained the MS operating system plus all
of the garbage and software that originally came on the machine.

This is also the same PC that I had to return after 9 months to have
the hard drive replaced. It came back the same way I supposedly bought

No wonder I am confused. I would be afraid to run either disc in fear
that one click and I would be back to day one and I sure don't want

What do you think about this?

If I put the Windows disc in will I get options to restore the original
system files or will it automatically start formatting my drive or
whatever for a complete re-installation?