Re: Driver Preventing Start-up

ABEHE3EP wrote:

The system "lost" its sound card driver (Realtek). Upon re0installing
the standard driver available on the system, the "blue screen" shut it
down. Now it will not start-up at all due to a "driver" problem and the
auto-fix cen not correct it. So, short of re-installing the operating
system, what can be done? Computer is an Acer lap-top about 2 years

Boot with your Vista installation DVD and

1. Try the Startup Repair.
Repair Windows Vista using Startup Repair -

or if that doesn't work,

2. Also from the Vista DVD, try a System Restore to before the troubles with
the sound card happened. If you only have a "restore disk", see:
For people who only have a restore image - Windows Vista Recovery Disc

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