Re: shadow copie, AGAIN.

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so i decided to reformat last night........
didnt have this problem on very first boot.
missing 45~ gb of disk space.

found the shadow copy threads

then i followed

To see how big your shadow copy is, right click on CMD.exe in the start
and select Run as Administrator,
Then type: vssadmin list shadowstorage and hit Enter
you will see how big it can get in GB's

Then type: vssadmin resize shadowstorage /On=C: /For=C: /MaxSize=2GB
( the maxsize can vary up to 10 or more)and my hard disk is still the same....

my hard disk did show 500 gigs when i first got it.

even restarted and it still the same


system specs:
vista ultimate 6.0 build 6001
phoenix bios
intel quad q6700
4 gig ram

anyone help me out?


also ran checkdisk, dsik defrag, disk cleanup, CCleaner....

edit 2

could this be unalocatedspace? should i install a partition manager ?


You have 422gb free space on your hard drive!!!!

Why are you worrying about the space taken up by shadow copies which enable the OS to recover more easily than any previous version of Windows? You are hardly short on space even if shadow copies take up 45gb..

You should just get on with using the computer instead of worrying about issues like this. Until your drive is within a few gb of filling up, you have nothing to worry about..

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