Vista Home 32bit: NDIS.SYS!TrFilterDprIndicateReceiveComplete+0x3e


I'm not sure if this is the correct forum or if this should be in
networking, but this issue with my Dell Inspiron 1520 Laptop running Vista
Home Basic 32 bit with SP1 recently appeared after recieving updates last
week (on the 14th of October). At first, the computer was stuck at "Applying
updates 3 of 3 - 0% complete" screen, and then eventually went blank and
became completely unresponsive. The subsquent boot afterwards brought
windows into a black desktop with just the mouse cursor. The desktop did not
come, and pressing CTRL-ALT-ESC to bring the taskmanager revealed that the
CPU usage was in excess of 50 to 90%, and all in Kernel CPU usage. Rebooting
did not help. So....

I used the System Restore function and brought the computer back to before
the updates were installed, and everything was fine until it redownloaded the
updates and installed them, with the same problems as above. Unfortunately,
doing a system restore no longer works... because it seems to apply them

So... I went ahead and downloaded Microsoft's System tool "ProcessExplorer"
and ran it after booting up. From ProcessExplorer, I was able to determine
where the CPU were being spent at...
NDIS.SYS!TrFilterDprIndicateReceiveComplete+0x3efe. Unfortunately, the
process is also protected and I couldn't get any more information than that.
But I was able to take a few screenshots of my issue.

Additional information:
No, I do not have Microsoft NetMonitor 3.1 installed. Never had it
installed, (unless it's disquised as a KB fix or some kind of update
the NDIS.SYS file is dated 1/19/2008 2:43AM and is 529,464 bytes, but my
problem are just recent from about 10 days ago after recieving automatic

to see the screenshots, please browse:
<a href="";></a>
<a href="";></a>

If anyone has an ideas as to how to resolve this (other than doing a
reinstall or wipe), I'm open to suggestions. I wish system restore worked
again, but it appears that the system got dirty from the 5 to 6+ restores
I've done so far.