Re: MATLAB not working with vista ?

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I have a problem with MATLAB (R14) ONLY when I installed
it on my new Laptop hp
AMD turion (tm) - X2 Dual-core Mobile RM-70
2.00 GB RAM

windows vista home premium 32-bit

I have installed the same MATLAB in another PC with windowa XP every
thing was fine, also I installed in another LAPtop Hp, but old one ,4
years ago, with windos XP and no problem occured

so, I am sure that there is no problem in the (MATLAB) and the
instilation way

but on this new LAPTOP Hp vista, I installed it but when I click on
the icon to begain MATLAB, the window opens for 2 seconds only and then

dont know where the problem comes from ?


Take a look here.. Read it carefully..

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