Re: Memory Diagnostic Tool

I originally did the Administrative Tools option. That did not work.

I did find the file, MdSched.exe, and hoped that would work when I
clicked on it. Nope---- received the same old messages and routine.

The only thing solved is the file is NOT missing as suggested from the
"black screen". So I suppose that means the file is corrupted?

I have already tried inserting the original disc and choosing the
Repair option and apparently this does not fix the file if it's

Don't know what to do next.

I could have sworn that I used the Tools option before but maybe not.


It should be under C:\Windows\system32

You can find it by typing MdSched.exe into the start menu search box.

You can also find it by clicking Start>All Programs>Administrative
Tools ( if you have set your start menu to display Admin. Tools )