Re: Giving names to new Folders problem

Hello Lucske,

This tutorial may be able to help you fix the New Folder so that you
can rename them again.

Hope this helps,

Lucske;868215 Wrote:

I'm having troubles giving a name to new folders on my harddrive.
When i right-click and select "new folder" i do get that but when i
give it a new name and press enter i get an error and it's still called
"New Folder" ...
Also when i try to change the name later, it won't let me ...
Anyone any idea's ?
I'm working with Vista Ultimate (dutch version).
All updates are installed except SP1 because it won't install here to
Tryed by using windows-update site and by downloading it manualy and
installing it from the harddisk. Nothing worked..
Anyone any idea about that ?

Thanks for your time and interrest,


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