Re: SSD or Raptor to make Vista more spritely?

On Thu, 2 Oct 2008 16:39:11 -0700, Dustin Harper wrote:

The Raptors are probably the best bang for the buck when it comes to SSD vs.
Raptors. The SSD's can be fast, but in some benchmarks the Raptors are
faster. And the cost/performance ratio is better with the Raptor.

Good luck! And, yes, it is a huge difference once you get them installed and
compare the speeds (loading OS, loading games, etc.).

Well, I became rather afraid of the SSDs for now after reading forum
threads and newegg reviews. In a year, they'll be hot, but not for me at
the moment... So I found a 36gb Raptor 8mb cache for $36 at ascendtech and
took a chance because of resellerratings and it's very solid (it has a
"mediamax" label on it and in it, but looks like a Raptor, sounds like a
raptor, runs like a raptor, (7.9 av access time via HDTune and HDTach). I
have tried to trash it with a couple of defrags, but it just keeps on
ticking - no errors (I use jkdefrag and defraggler - best way to stress a
drive is to defrag it with one, then use the other, heehee. I use jkdefrag
normally because I like the spaces it leaves.

I used Acronis 11 to image vista, and then used it to "cleanse" and restore
to the Raptor. I then used GPARTED to remove the boot flag and set the
hide flag on the original Vista partition. Since I plugged the Raptor into
Sata6 port, I had to stop at bios and set the boot order. Then it booted
just fine as C.

I got caught by forgetting that when you set bios to AHCI, or back to IDE,
it resets the HD boot order to simple sata port order - couldn't figure out
why I was suddenly getting a mbr1 error on boot - heehee. Just stopped at
bios and corrected the boot order and off it goes.

Another gotcha - well, it's not there, now - one time when I changed to
AHCI, HDTach and HDTune started showing 50%cpu even though it wasn't using
that. It's notmal now - about 8% I think actuality is about 4% on it.

Random access continually shows about 8% whereas my 2 Hitachi deskstars
show 21%. HDTach shows burst 107mb/s and avg read 58mb/sec (max 67). So
again, for an opsys, where mostly small files are getting read or shuttled,
it's great - not so for a large database. But that is as all the reviews
have shown.

I don't know that it boots Vista much if any faster than my deskstars,
which are pretty quick - circa 30 secs from where the bios starts Vista.

Not having any conflict is a plus in any situation. My page is off on one
of the Deskstars.

So thanks for your time and thought I'd let you know where I went with

It's all pretty quick and I find Vista generally quick except when you do
the first windows explorer access....... )

I have turned off indexing on the Raptor, and disabled the windows search
service in Services. Don't know if that makes much if any difference.

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