Re: Memory use and performance issues

Personally, I wouldn't change anything. You have a superior spec'd
high performance workstation, built for productivity and reliability,
(ECC RAM). It just doesn't match up with the way Vista calculates
it's performance index. Big deal!

You could upgrade to faster memory, but considering it's ECC RAM
and 6GB, that would not be worth the cost for what you would gain.
In actual usage, the CPU index difference between 5.0 and 5.9 would
hardly be noticed.

In my previous post I was explaining why your machine scored lower
in the indexes, not saying there was anything wrong with its specs.

This whole thing started actually because of World of Warcraft. I originally
had a video card NVIDIA 8800 GT and was not getting the best framerates when
playing. usually somewhere around 15-30 while running 1920x1200 with all
stuff turned on high. So i went and got a better video card NVIDIA 9800 GX2.
No improvement. I called NVIDIA and the said its most likely the wrong card
as WoW doesn't play well with SLI and those two GPUs are slaved together via
SLI. they suggested i get a single GPU video card. So returned those and got
a NVIDIA GTX 260. Still Now I'm gettign framerates of 20-35. Maybe a sliught
improvement but no where where i should be. Called NVIDIA and they said I
should be seeing a absolute minimum of 60-90 framerate.

We went over tons of stuff (Drivers and settings) and they can't find any
reason that my framerate is so slow. They said even with my original card or
the 9800 I should of had faster. They suspect something is wrong in Windows
itself. Something is bottlenecking it. They suggested uninstalling anything
in windows I don't really need and just doing a general performance
improvement on the whole system and if that did not work to reinstall windows
as it's been installed for several years now and maybe something has just
snuck in there that's bottlenecking it.