Re: No sounds on Vista.

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Have you installed your audio drivers?

Also check in the Taskbar properties in the tutorial below to make sure
that you have the "Volume" icon checked to enable it, then make sure
that the volume is not muted and that the volume level is up high enough
to hear it.

'Notification Area - System Icons'

Hope this helps,
Shawn;861997 Wrote:
> Sounds are turned on in Vista yet they don't play. What setting could I
> have missed and what can cause sounds to stop playing? The speakers
> work
> fine. All connections are secure. The little speaker icon is also
> missing
> from the taskbar.
> How can I get that back? TIA.......


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Also look in your device manager and see if under the Sound card section if
any of the devices there have any warnings (Yellow or red flag). that could
indicate a defective sound card or a driver problem.

Also if you have a sound card, make sure your speakers are plugged directly
into it and not into your computers internal sound jack. If you do have a
sound card and you recently installed it (And this problem occurred) you may
have to go into your bios and turn off the computers internal sound card (If
one exists).

No problem could be found. A system-restore fixed it. I'm not picking on MS but it seems many of these problems started after a large download of "updates." I did a restore from before those updates and that solved most of the "issues."