Re: How do I stop power saver from shutting PC off?

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How do I stop the power saver feature from shutting off my monitor and
computer before it finishes defragging? Why is everything moved and
I right-click on desktop and properties is no longer there. I don't
want my
PC shutting off when it's defragging or I have to work with a client or
on the phone. The frustration doesn't end.....

If you click on the start orb type "power" and run "Power Options"

There is NO "power" or "Power Options" when I click on Start in Home
Premium. What version are you talking about?

Did you type "power"?

Where does it say "Power" when the Start button is clicked? There is no "orb." What is an "orb?" Type "power" where?

Press the Windows key on your keyboard or click the orb, then type
"power", the "Power Options" item will appear.

What is "the ORB?"