RE: ntoskrn1.exe

Hello Mr Jamal, I have the same problem, identical messages like you, but
with a Sony Vaio laptop and I, like you, do not have a solution from Windows
team! How diferente computer manufactures had the same trouble? The problem
is Microsoft!
In the future a I will migrate to another software and company!


Hamilton, from Brazil.

"Jamal Kilo Vista problem" wrote:

Hello Guys,
I have the HP Pavilion dv2120ca Notebook. I get windows updates from Windows
Vista, I started the download and when it's almost done I got the same
problem for an error shows that windons failed to start a recent hardware or
software change might be the cause.

I have not installed any new software or hardware on my LT it was only the
windows updates.
Now it is asking for a file ntoskrn1.exe status 0xc0000098
windows failed to load because a required file is missing, or corrupt.

Any help would be great. I do not have a windows vista disc as I am away
from home, in Dubai, UAE, any help I would really appreciated

Jamal Kilo

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