Re: Fishing Competition

Roll up, roll up!
See how easy it is to land a big, fat, perverted Spoofer.
He plays a lot with his Daddy.

Try YOUR luck:
See if YOU can land one of the BIG ones named below:

The Bored Spoofer
Leonard Grey
nass’s computer repairs
nass’s sister
Nass’ Spelling Tutor
Anti on Chicken Little(s)
Chicken Little Albright
Dan S-illy aka Barney Phife
Doctor Bee
General Paul Montgomery
General Paul Montgomery1
General Paul Montgomery2
General Paul Montgomery3
General Paul Montgomery4
General Paul Montgomery5
General Paul Montgomery6
General Paul Montgomery7
Hunting for JackA$$
Junk Yard Dog
Kotex Queen Clear Windows
Mick Murphy
Bad Mike
Sad Mike
Mr. Arnold
MontGumDropped1 Paul
Paul MontDenturesDropped
Paul Montgomery
Paul Montgomery 9000
Paul Montgumdrop
Sudden Impact
Tall Tales Albright
The Bee
The Big Ticket
The Hornet
Van Helsing the Albright Hunter

They are DUMB, and take the bait, all the time!