Re: Memory use and performance issues

"david manvell" <davidmanvell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I'm having some memory use or performance issues I think. Let me try to

I have a fairly powerful desktop with decent hardware all around. System

Dell Precision 670 Workstation
Running Windows Vista Ultimate x64.
All latest service packs etc.
2 Xeon CPUs 3.2GHz (2 logical processors each). So 4 logical processors
running at 3.2GHz
6Gigs ram (2GB+2GB+1GB+1GB) DDR2-400 Registered ECC Memory Module.
2 Ultra320 SCSI controller and drives
NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT (512 MB) video card running two 24" monitors.

My Windows Experience Index scores:
Processor: 5.0
Memory (RAM): 4.7
Graphics: 5.9
Gaming graphics: 5.9
Primary hard disk: 5.9

The reason for your low CPU and RAM scores is because your
machine is built on server and workstation specs, rather than general
use desktop specs.

The Xeon CPU's will not rate as high as Core 2 CPU's at the same
speeds. My 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo rates at 5.3 in Vista Ultimate 64.
The Xeons will shine at Autocad, Photoshop, etc., but will not
perform as well at gaming, etc.

Also, 800MHz RAM should score 5.6 or higher, but you are using
registered ECC, which is lowering the bandwidth. Error checking
reliability has a performance cost. That's why high speed gaming
PC's don't use buffered or ECC RAM. Very few desktop
motherboards take ECC RAM.