RE: Vista Home Basic 64 and non functioning Lite-On DVD-RW

"Siddoogie" wrote:

I'm working on a system using this drive, Lite-On DH 20A4P 04. The owner
reported that the drive suddenly didn't work. In Device Manager the drive
is shown with a yellow triangle and an exclamation mark in it. In
Properties is the following message, "Windows cannot load the device
drivers for this hardware. The driver maybe corrupted or missing." The OS
is Windows Vista Home Basic 64. I've swapped in a different drive with the
same result. I swapped a different cable, same results. The drive works
when I try to boot from the drive and try to repair from the Windows disk.
Are you aware of any drivers or updates or solutions to correct this
problem? Thank You.

See if you can go to either the computer manufactures website or the DVDs
website and find a driver for it. It appears the driver is either corrupted
or missing.

If you got the drive with your computer, try that computer manufactures
website first. if you bought and installed the drive yourself see if you have
a disk that came with it or check the manufacture of the drive website.