Re: Free Defragger

Can someone recommend a good FREE defragger that shows the process as it did
in W98 and XP? I can't stand having no damn idea how long it will take when
I have other things to do. Why the hell was it changed so no one has a clue
how fragmented the drive is or how long it will take?

"Larry" <reply@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:uO29lg1LJHA.740@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
This one is a good one. Optimizes as well as defrags.

Regarding whether third party defraggers are better then the one built in to
Vista, there is the question of boot-time defrag. That is an option in
PerfectDisk and Ultra Defrag (free) which makes it
possible to defrag the page file, hibernation file, MFT and metadata. Since
all of these files are locked while the Windows GUI is running it is
necessary to defrag them during the boot process. While the performance
benefit may not be dramatic it is noticeable in my experience, and it can
make a significant difference to maximizing free space.