Event Viewer System Log Error 13

Every now and then, when I try to consult the event log ('System') in
Windows Vista Home Premium, I get the following messages: 'cannot open
the event log or custom view', 'data is invalid (13)' , 'Verify that
the Event Log service is running'.
(I hope this is the correct message text, as this is a translation I
found on some website. I use the Dutch version of Windows, but I don't
think the Dutch messages would be helpful here). However, the Event
Log Service is running, as I am able to view the other log files. I
followed the advice given on some websites, to clear the log file and
this helps (for a short while at least). However, the problem
contiually reappears. The size of the log file, shouldn't be a problem
I'd think, as the last file that caused problems I removed was 4 MB.

'Clear the log files', http://share.intelliem.com/cs/blogs/danholme/archive/2008/08/18/event-log-error.aspx

Slightly off-topic, but related:
Polite request to Windows Designers: Please do not localize these very
technical error messages. Most of these messages will never be
encountered by regular users, and when they are, localization into a
small language with a small user base will make it almost impossible
to find relevant information on the web. And if you deem it necessary
to translate error messages, please make it possible to refer to the
English originals as well. I understand you mean well by localizing
the OS, but you've got no idea what hardships non-English users have
got to endure if they try to find support on the web. Also, these
messages are not directed towards the end-user and seem to be
primarily meant to provide support teams with information, whose
command of English should be quite good anyway.

'Clear the log files', http://share.intelliem.com/cs/blogs/danholme/archive/2008/08/18/event-log-error.aspx