Re: "Can't backup my computer(crc) error 0*80070017- backup failure"

Check your hard drive for errors etc -

This article may assist -


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"Matilda Laja" <Matilda.Laja.3hcica@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
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I* can't backup my computer, each time I do a backup, there is a
message- cyclic redundancy check error (0*80070017)*
*Last backup failed.*
*I have tried every registry fix and done every scan and cleaned my
Vista and Data files.*
*Windows says that my updates are up to date.*
*Usually when I backup, it doesn't complete successfully.*
*I don't know what else to do. *
*Please can you help?*
*Thank you.*
*Matilda Laja*

Matilda Laja
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