Re: Virus or What?

Vista Not Vista Anymore wrote:

my dell laptop with vista has recently begun working poorly. the email
and internet now take 60-90 seconds to respond to open, the computer seems
to freeze often, and the mcafee security center seems to turn off (by
itself) and then has to "fix" the "computer and files" and "email and im"

i have tried to return to an earlier registry. i've done all the scans,
reinstalled mcafee 3 times, and still the problems persist. it's like my
computer has been infected by something slowing it down, stopping it from
responding to commands promptly, and occasionally interfering with the
operation (since i have to keep fixing the security center). i did the
mcafee virtual tech and fixed all the problems it identified. i've
updated all the downloads for windows and mcafee.
i've run out of ideas. i have no clue what the problem is or how to fix

Has anyone had this problem? Can anyone help?

Aside from telling you that McAfee is garbage and suggesting you install
something better (NOD32, Kaspersky, or even Avast if you want a free one),
there is no way I can tell you if your computer is infected from what
you've written.

Go through these general malware removal steps systematically -

Include scanning with David Lipman's Multi_AV and follow instructions to do
all scans in Safe Mode. Please see the special Notes regarding using
Multi_AV in Vista. - instructions - download link and more instructions

When all else fails, get guided help. Choose one of the specialty forums
listed at the first link. Register and read its posting FAQ. PLEASE DO NOT

Standard disclaimer: I can't see and test your computer myself, so these are
just suggestions based on many years of being a professional computer tech;
suggestions based on what you've written. You should not take my
suggestions as a definitive diagnosis. If you can't do the work yourself
(and there is no shame in admitting this isn't your cup of tea), take the
machine to a professional computer repair shop (not your local equivalent
of BigComputerStore/GeekSquad). Please be aware that not all local shops
are skilled at removing malware and even if they are, your computer may be
so infested that Windows will need to be clean-installed. If possible, have
all your data backed up before you take the machine into a shop.

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