Re: Dell Support Center is Corrupted

Uninstall the last update from Dell.

Or, sprtcmd.exe from starting on startup.
Start > Run
Type "msconfig.exe" without quotation marks.
Click OK
Go to Startup tab
Uncheck the sprtcmd box (to prevent popup).
Do not uncheck the dsca box (so DCS will continue to operate on Startup)
Click OK > Restart
After restarting, a System Configuration Utility window with message will
Check box so this message will not appear again when next restarting.

"e0d0d" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

So I started up my computer this morning and once I get to my desktop a
notification saying "sprtcmd.exe - corrupt file" and "The file or
directory C:/Program Files/Dell Support Center/ gs_agent is corrupt and
unreadable. Please run the Chkdsk utility."

I ran the Chkdsk utility and nothing happened even in admin mode. I am
also blocked from restoring my computer and removing/repairing Dell
Support Center.

Any ideas?

I am using a Dell XPS M1530 with Vista Ultimate if that helps