Re: Remove unwanted programs on HP Computer


Control Panel/Programs and Features, uninstall that which you do not want.

Keep in mind too that it only uses resources if it's actually loading at boot. While some programs do this, it doesn't mean all of them do. Disabling the ones that do will preserve your system resources just as well as uninstalling them. This is usually best done from within the settings of the individual programs, but you can also use Windows Defender (it's a part of Vista) or the system configuration utility (msconfig) to limit the boot load.

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"Jim" <grammjr@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:sPedndBnX5hZlWnVnZ2dnUVZ_rvinZ2d@xxxxxxxxx
I just bought an HP desktop and a Toshiba laptop both with Vista 64 Home Premium. Now I find out from Curcuit city that there is a bunch of oem pre-loaded software that will slow down the computer if it is not removed. It is add stuff they say... any clue where I can get a list of the stuff to remove. They tell me it will take the processes from 78 to about 25. They want $40 bucks to do it