Re: My computer won't fully boot-up


The first problem occurs because the CMOS battery on the motherboard is dead and the BIOS can no longer remember any settings once the system is powered off. pressing F1 likely loads the defaults and allows you to continue. Replacing the battery will resolve this.

As to problem #2, is there a chance you've left a disk in the CD/DVD drive? If not, then you may have a failing hard drive. To find out, download and run a diagnostic tool from the drive manufacturer (these are usually free and run from bootable disks). It will let you know if the drive is a candidate for replacement. It is also possible that the drive cabling is loose and reseating it may help. There is also a small chance that the connection on the motherboard is failing, and the only cure for that is replacing the motherboard.

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I have a Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit, everytime I start up my
computer it tell's me to press F1 to continue or press F2 to run setup.
This is normal for me but the problem is that recently I get a "A disk
Read Error Occured. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart" and I can't get pass
this, any help?