Re: Vista Complete Backup

Ok,now is clear.
I know, the same trick to sell products that don't work.
Using Windows 2000 and Norton Ghost and I can go back weeks before loading a
full backup clear without changes done in the partition or spyware viruses

Norton Ghost work on Vista32 Ultimate?

Thank you

"John Barnett MVP" wrote:

I've used Complete PC Backup and found it simple to use; however it isn't
foolproof, in the sense that you can't access individual files from a
complete PC backup file. For this reason I not only use Complete PC Backup,
but I also use Acronis True Image.

Now getting back to your question. Complete PC Backup takes an image of your
hard drive/partition the very first time you use it (using your scenario we
will called that 'week 1') When you next create a backup (call that week 2)
Complete PC Backup on does an incremental backup, in other words, it only
backs up files that have changed since your initial backup image was
created. Your next backup (week 3) does the same, and so does the backup
after that (week 4). You are not going to get 4 separate full backup files.
You will only get one. As far as I know there is no option to create full
backups at each schedule backup point.

Because only incremental backups are performed if I want to create a full
backup again, I simply delete the current backup files from my removable
hard drive and then create a new one afresh. I must stress, however, that I
only allocate 25GB for my backups so, even if Complete PC Backup could
create new full backups each time I simply would have the room. I have,
however, created a full backup and then a week later run Complete PC backup
again and I has 'only' create an incremental backup.

At least with Acronis True Image you personally select whether you want a
full backup, Incremental, or otherwise.


John Barnett MVP
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"Alberto" <Alberto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Thank you for your reply.

I don't understand.

The complete backup of Vista Ultimate work like Norton Ghost?

If yes I can create multiple backup's of my Vista partition and Programs
partition once a week, 4 backup's saved in a month?


"Tom W." wrote:

I think it just works like shadow copies, and when full the oldest shadow
copies will be deleted.

"Alberto" <Alberto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Vista complete backup save only 1 backup.
If I backup after 1 week the previous backup is deleted.
I save my Vista Backup's on a reserved partition (175GB) of an external

Please let me know