Vista Ultimate Blue screen with bad disk. Now what?

Crashed with bad disk indicated.
Interestingly I had a few flashes of a solid blue screen once in a while
over the past two days. Must have been a warning of impending doom.
Ran Vista SP1 boot up from CD ( I use F12 to select boot device)
Selected language
selected "Repair Your Computer"
Skipped "Load Drivers"
But I did explore this and saw all drives and folders present.
Ran repair at "Startup Repair"

Ran successfully.
Checked Diagnostic and Repair Details.
"The Partition Table does not have a valid system partition.
Partition table repair
Completed successfully
Error code 0x0
took 51 sec.

System Disk=\Device\HardDisk1

ReStarted on my command
but still will not boot from hard disk.

So now the interesting part and maybe where I can get in if someone can help
and or confirms my thoughts.
I have too much to do all over agains and the AUTOMATIC BACKUP kept NOT
running. Another problem to fix.

Anyway, looking at the folders when the "Load Driver" opportunity came up
during this repair process:
The hard disks are all there but C: was not C:.
The D: shown is actually the C: (boot) drive.
Two other drives looked OK.
What is up with this?
These are all SATA drives.
Do I need to switch cables to the motherboard so the repair process sees the
physical C: drive as C: or do I use the BIOS to change things?
As I said earier, all drives seem to be fully there but maybe tjhe repair sw
is confused about what drive to boot or what drive to repair.
There is no choice to select a drive to repair that I can see.
What next?
Suggestions please. (this is my Media Center TV too)
Sorry for the double posting but I just discovered this newsgroup for