Re: System restore won't work

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Additionally, I am not running Norton antivirus, but do have Zone Alarm
running. I have tried exiting Zone Alarm and running a restore, but to no


Why not just run it in safe mode then? Whatever works.

"Warren DesJardins" wrote:

"Rick" <Rick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi, I am running Vista 32 bit, and I cannot get system restore to run
> under
> Windows, it will run in Safe Mode, and restore points are being made
> successfully. I just cannot get System Restore to run under windows,I
> keep
> gertting an error message that states that sytem restore was > unsucessful.
> After doing some reading on the newsgroups, I have discovered that > somehow
> the Systems Restore Services has been deleted. Any ideas how to remedy
> this
> problem without having to use my Vista install disk and running a > repair
> function through it.
> Thanks.
> Rick

I'm having the same problem but it's another window's bug since it does the
restore. I'm growing to despise Vista rapidly.