Re: Vista VERY slow for 10 minutes after startup.

I have a acer 5103.

Turion TL-52 1.6 GHZ
ATI Radeon X1300

I've been using vista on this machine for a year without any problems,
had it all tweaked out and just when everything was good (I think it was
after a windows update restart...) it took vista in the range of 10
minutes to load up and become usable. I thought it might have just been
the updates but ever since I've been experiencing this problem. Before
the whole boot up process from pressing the power button to usability
took just under 2 minutes, now it takes 10-15. After the 15 minute boot
everything works as it should, just like before. I've been trying
everything to get this resolved. It has been a month now and I fear the
only way to get vista working properly will be a format and installation
of windows. Things I've done:

Uninstalled unnecessary programs
Defraged hard drives (did a boot defrag)
Cleaned the registry
Defraged the registry
Got rid of all but necessary startup programs (about 9 running now)
Cleared the drives of all unnecessary files, temp data
Cleared the pagefile
Deleted hibernation file

after this I redefraged in a way so all files would be contiguous.
Nothing helped. I know it's a problem with vista because I can run any
old linux distribution and it runs like a dream. I really don't want to
reinstall windows, for one, acer is so kind and don't even give you the
windows CD with the notebook, just a lame "factory setting backup
CD/DVD" you can make yourself but I've got windows and all my programs
set up the way I want and it has taken me a year to have it this. The
only thing I haven't done is gone and reinstall all the drivers, because
usually this does more harm than good.
So I hope someone could help me.

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