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Hi Norm and very grateful for your return.
The ATI card does have the driver version 8.383.1.1 which is the last available and is detailed in the WEI report. I get my updates from a customized page of Lenovo to the specific type of laptop model, in this case a 2613CTO. The one strange item was that in the driver detail, there was only one file listed. I reinstalled the driver through the properties and the .inf (through setup failed, as keep asking for the .inf file, which it could not find) and now there are 21 files specified in the drivers detail, including the single one previously present, yet the pack still has the same version. Of course, everything is working quite well.
Now WEI does not show the previous warning about a device changed and is not requesting to be run, yet will still fail without completion and with same error message.
I have tried analyzing the problem with Sysinternal/ProcesMonitor but the log file generated is so big (180 Mb, 21 Mb as zip) that is impossible for me to make any sense of it (I am no expert either). Of course, average ISP will not accept it in emails, so I could not even send it to a friend.
Perhaps I should be happy with the index of 4.3.

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Hi Rolando, Welcome to the forums. I have done a little research on
your problem and the closest I can come to an answer is to say other
people report this problem as having been caused by a graphics card
driver. Most refer to Nvidea as the culprit. I note that you have an
ATI card, but you could try uninstalling the driver and updating to the
newest version here 'Lenovo Support & downloads - Downloads and


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